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  Men’s Wear T-shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Track suits,  Pants, Pyjama Set, Jackets, Shorts, Trouser, Casual and formal shirts, Jeans. Ladies Wear T-Shirts, Tank Top, Pyjama set, Leggings, Jackets, Skirt, Blouse, Shirts. Work and Safetywear Gymwear Boys Wear T-Shirts, Jogging Suit, Trousers, Pyjama Set, Sweat shirts, Shirt. Girls Wear T-Shirts, Jogging Suit, Dress, Shirt, Skirt, Pyjama Set, Blouses.   (Products Auto Slide)           Service: Vendor Management: We have several associated knit, woven and sweater factories of different size and manufacturing capabilities. We Connect buyers with Vendors according to the Product Specification, Order Placements, Terms & Specifications. We analyze data of the requirements of buyer and present them suitable options to select supplier from them. We maintain liaison with vendor    on behave of our buying partners.   Costing & Quote Reviews: We are transparent in Pricing and working with clients to cut the Prices. We admit nobody to involve supply chain process and gain unfair share of profit. We always adhere to complete the sourcing procedure within target price of our clients without compromising on quality of product or service.   Product Sampling: We develop and produce sample from the specification/technical sheets of our clients within couple of days. Beside this, All Our Suppliers are having their Own Set-Up for Sampling.   Production Co-ordination We closely monitor production and scheduling ensures that customer benefits from a well-managed and proactive T&A calendar. We follow-up team to track manufacturer’s production status and do a daily Corrective and Preventive Actions plan. This allows us to detect and analyze potential problems in advance and take the necessary remedial steps with immediate effect in order to avoid a delay in delivery.   Quality Controls We Monitor and Conduct Inspections at Various Stages to Maintain and Ensure Quality in Products. We strictly follow QC plan advised by buyer and update them regularly. Our Quality Department work independently from the Merchandising and Production departments. They monitor the production from the Pre-Production Sample validation to the Final Inspection. We also collaborate with the major 3rd party inspection companies as per buyer’s requirement. Logistics Support It is one of import stage of supply chain. We Follow-Up Shipment procedures, documentation. We help our clients to efficient and reliable supply chain network design. We have association with different freight forwarders and custom brokers to provide best options to our buying partners. Our team have experience and academic qualification in supply chain management.   In Bangladesh most of the manufacturers work on bulk quantities for economic scale and cost advantages. It is difficult to source apparel for in small batch from Bangladesh.   Uropa Sourcing offer the solution to overcome this bottleneck. We serves designers, start ups, small businesses and independent brands who are looking for small-run cut and sew production.   We provide sustainable and small batch production with highest quality workmanship, crafted under fair trade manufacturing conditions at affordable pricing.    [metaslider id=”420″]   Sampling Policy: We provide sample against all the orders. We develop and produce sample from the specification/technical sheets or from physical sample of our clients. We don’t go to the next step until the sample is approved by the buyer. Sampling Steps:
  1. Development of Sample before the confirmation of order.
  2. Pre-production Sample before bulk production.
  3. Final Sample from the first batch of bulk production
Regular Buyers: We don’t charge our regular buying partners for a sample. New Buyers: We apply sample making charge and shipping charge only for Development Sample. After the approval of sample, if the buyer places the certain order to us, we deduct the amount from the total order value.